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What are parents and clients saying about MNRI?

L. Carlson, Parent, Mankato, MN, USA

While our journey continues, I feel as though we have discovered a foundational piece of the puzzle in allowing [our son] to function at his best level. There is no question in my mind that we have stumbled upon a program that allows traditional therapies to work better and faster or will eventually even change their future trajectories! We look back at our first year using MNRI® with appreciation and gratitude and look forward to watching the MNRI® program develop to its full potential and our son right along with it. Thank you, thank you! 

K. and A. Van Dyke, Parents, Madison, WI, USA

Today, [our son] is quite different than in 2004 [when he was diagnosed with severe autism]. He can not only walk properly, he can run! He can jump and even stand on one foot. Motor planning and spatial awareness are vastly improved. Much to his OT’s surprise, coloring is now a favorite past-time. His language is conversational and lively. Social and cognitive changes abound as well. I often muse the ‘what could have been’ and wish we had discovered MNRI® earlier. Especially during the regression: the years, money, and tears that could have been saved. However, now that we know what needs to integrate, it is just a matter of continuing his MNRI® program. My dream is for MNRI® to become part of every neurologist’s tool kit and be used to evaluate developmental delays. Even better would be for new parents to understand primary reflexes and how to incorporate everyday life activities to facilitate typical development. Autism rates are soaring but advances in science like MNRI® and biomedical treatments are also progressing and need to be shared widely.

P. Borsch, Parent and Founder of Bridge to Healing Foundation, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL, USA

I wish I had known about Dr. Magustova’s work when Holly was young as it would have saved lots of time and tears. However, it has also showed me that it is never too late for your body to make wonderful changes. Because of my daughter's successes, I wanted each and every parent with a special needs child to know about this wonderful work. I also wanted to help therapists get training in these methods to add to their tool boxes. I took the paperwork that the Institute had drawn up to start a non profit organization and turned it into Bridge to Healing Foundation, Inc.

P. Roberts, Parent, Chatanooga, TN, USA

My daughter struggled with making good grades in school. She would study and study and still not make good grades. She loved to ride her horses but she was afraid many times because she just didn’t feel safe on them. If they moved quickly or unexpectedly, she would be easily scared and just couldn’t get past that no matter how hard she worked. She was also very emotional when it came to having difficulty with something. She would become frustrated with a task and then her emotions would just take over. We wanted to find some help so that life would be easier for her. The reflex patterns of her upper limbs were hypo-sensitive and her motor responses were hyper-reactive. In contrast, her lower limbs reflex patterns demonstrated hyper-sensitivity and hyper-reactivity. This explained how it was very difficult for her to operate with such differences in upper body/limb organization and lower body/limb organization. While she had received other therapies to help, none addressed these issues. My daughter's receptive and expressive abilities in processing of information and language were blocked and this had a significant impact upon her life. Although she demonstrated a high level of intelligence, she was trapped in this non-productive sensory-motor system that limited basic organization and easy learning (coding and decoding of information). I have seen many approaches to helping with motor coordination, but I have never seen anything change a person so much in so little time. This work truly impacts the core issues and opens new doorways of possibilities!

D. Hunter, Parent, Los Gatos, CA, USA

The more we do MNRI®, the better [our son] sleeps, the more present and engaged he is and the more joy he expresses. It has definitely been a test of patience and commitment, and at times my attention shifted in other directions. But I always came back because I believe the repatterning is the core component that ties everything else together and provides the web of support. [Our son turned] 12 in Feb. 2014 and after almost 7 years of using MNRI®, I say with great confidence that MNRI® provides the foundation for his integration. It supports and compliments all the other therapies we offer him and diet interventions. Without MNRI®, he would not be as integrated as he is today.

D. Mixon, Parent and Occupational Therapist, Prairieville, LA, USA

Other professionals that worked with him, such as his preschool teacher and traditional speech therapist, said that they have never seen a child learn so fast. I can thank MNRI® for that. He started to learn new information and, with a lot of teaching, was able to start bridging the gap between where he was and where he needed to be. As a therapist, I was blown away with how well MNRI® worked for [my child], especially when so many other strategies had proven unsuccessful.

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