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About Me

Hi, my name is Megan Williams and I’m a licensed and certified Speech Language Pathologist with work experience in a variety of pediatric settings, all from which I have had the pleasure of learning from the children, teens, and families I interacted with. Over the 10+ years of practice, I have developed an interest in working with children and adolescents who present with developmental feeding and swallowing issues, sensory based feeding disorders, HIE/Cerebral Palsy, Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), Autism Spectrum Disorders, and genetic disorders such as Down Syndrome. I absolutely love to learn as much as I can about these topics so that I can be the most efficient therapist and help my patients make the most gains.

I have completed continuing education hours in the following programs:

  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

  • DIRFloortime® (Intro level)

  • Beckman Oral Motor Assessment and Treatment

  • Oral Placement Therapy (Rosenfeld-Johnson)

  • Talk Tools A Sensory Approach to Oral-Motor Feeding (Overland)

  • Using Tactile Techniques with Diverse Populations Across the Ages

  • The Sensory Aspect of Swallowing

  • Developing Oral-Motor and Feeding Skills in the Down Syndrome Population

  • M.O.R.E. (Integrating the Mouth with Sensory and Postural Functions)

  • SOS Approach to Feeding (advanced  courses with specialized certification hours)

  • Talk Tools Tethered Oral Tissue (TOTs)

  • Solving Complex Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Problems (Arvedson)

  • Evaluation of Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing

  • Feeding Therapy: It's Not Just About Swallowing (Potock)

  • Feeding Therapy: Case Studies and Problem Solving (Potock)

  • Pediatric NDT Intensive Handling Techniques

  • Improving Oral-Motor Functioning in Pediatric Feeding Disorders

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Megan Williams, MCD/CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

Owner of Unity Therapy Solutions


I am also currently a Level 4 Core in Training with the MNRI® program working to transition to a Core Specialist, a distinction of honor received after completing a program structured with sufficient rigor to ensure that students become solidly grounded in the MNRI Method® and integrative techniques. 

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MNRI® Training To Date:

  • Total Courses Attended: 28

  • Total Class Hours: 680

  • Total Clinical Hours: 272

Courses Completed:

  • MNRI® Archetype Movement Integration

  • MNRI® Basal Ganglia Reflex Integration

  • MNRI® Breathing Reflex Integration

  • MNRI® Dynamic & Postural Reflex Integration (2x)

  • MNRI® Dysfunctional & Pathological Reflex  Repatterning and Integration (2x)

  • MNRI® IPET Archetype Movement Integration

  • MNRI® IPET NeuroStructural Integration

  • MNRI® IPET NeuroTactile Integration

  • MNRI® IPET Repatterning and Integration 1

  • MNRI® Introduction to Intronauts and Infant Reflexes Integration

  • MNRI® Introduction to Reflex Integration for Epilepsy

  • MNRI® Lifelong Reflex Integration
  • MNRI® NeuroStructural Reflex Integration

  • MNRI® NeuroTactile Integration

  • MNRI® NeuroTactile, Primary Motor and Reflex Integration (Advanced)

  • MNRI® Oral-Facial Reflex Integration Level 1

  • MNRI® Oral-Facial Reflex Integration Level 2

  • MNRI® Proprioceptive and Cognitive Integration

  • MNRI® Reflex Integration and Immunology

  • MNRI® Reflex Integration for Newborns

  • MNRI® Reflex Integration: Maximizing Brain Potential

  • MNRI® Stress Hormones and Reflex Integration

  • MNRI® Toolbox for Dyslexia

  • MNRI® Trauma and PTSD Recovery

  • MNRI® Upper Limbs Reflex and Manual Skill Integration

  • MNRI® Visual and Auditory Reflexes Integration