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  • Speech and Language Therapy

  • Feeding Therapy

As a speech language pathologist, I have a background in understanding how the brain understands speech and different sounds in our environment, how we organize words in the language centers of the brain, and how we coordinate very fine motor movement patterns to produce speech sounds with the parts of our mouth. In regards to feeding, I am aware of the developmental stages of feeding from infancy through childhood and what kinds of red flags to look for to indicate poor development in these areas. 

To provide the most skilled, comprehensive therapy, I combine this information with my knowledge of reflex integration to assess and treat the "whole" child or adolescent. When looking through the lens of primary reflexes, a more complete picture can be created that helps me address the deficits in a way that isn't just a compensation or modification. While compensations an alternative strategies are helpful, they are not the goal or end of the road towards progress in acquiring a skill.

In addition to providing direct treatment through MNRI®, I also am able to consult and teach caregivers how to implement the exercises so they can be done in the home regularly. Also, because services can be provided in the home, I can observe mealtimes and daily interactions with the individual to give feedback to caregivers as we collaborate and tackle noted difficulties head on as a team. Each family plan of treatment is uniquely created to ensure that everyone involved feels competent and knowledgeable about how, when, and why to implement exercises and strategies in the natural environment. 

I am very passionate about what I do as a therapist and I enjoy helping families become equipped with the information they seek as they search for answers and intervention for their loved ones.