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Where do sessions take place?

At this time, therapy sessions take place in the patient’s home or at a mutually agreed upon location such as a family member’s home, community center, etc.


What does a therapy session look like?

Generally, I like to work with patients while they are laying or seated on the massage table, but that is not always what children have in mind. I have learned how to be  flexible and work with what the child needs to feel safe and comfortable and the child’s full participation is not required to benefit from the integration exercises. If you can provide some of the child’s favorite toys it goes a long way in helping them participate.  The MNRI® Program work is based on one simple, yet profound principle: safety first. Whenever working with a child or adult, the MNRI® practitioner has been trained to find “the key” which is the part of the movement that is easy, safe, and natural and then build on that positive experience. 

Do you provide traditional speech and feeding therapy?

Yes, since I am first and foremost an SLP, I am able to work on developmentally appropriate skills as a part of therapy. By implementing MNRI ® exercises in the session, I have found that I can lay the neurological groundwork to make learning the new skills less difficult for the child or adult.

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Are parents involved in the therapy session at all?

Yes, I feel that it is important for parents to be present and involved in the sessions for two reasons. First, so that parents can assist me by engaging the child in play as the child lays on the table or by helping the child hold a certain posture. Second, it is very important that parents understand the  principles and function of the exercises so that they can  find ways to do them throughout the child’s day as a part of their routine. 

Will there be work to do outside of the session?

Yes, to add on to the question above, it is important that the exercises be done outside of the session to help with the reflex becoming integrated. To help families understand the exercises, I provide access to resources that will help to educate on the technique. I also provide an organized home exercise plan with that will help families track their progress on working on the different reflexes.

Can parents and/or other family members also receive MNRI® services?

Yes, I believe that anyone with a nervous system would benefit from MNRI® even if they have functional communication, self help, feeding, and other skills. Refer to "What kind of sessions do you offer?" for more info about scheduling additional family member sessions.

What kind of sessions do you offer?

 -- MNRI® Initial Consultation (60-80 minutes): Consultations are an opportunity for us to meet and discuss your current concerns while I do a hands on assessment of the client's reflexes. At this appointment, I can put together a plan for treatment and schedule sessions for the future. This is also a great time for me to answer any questions you have about reflex integration and its connection to speech, language, and feeding skills.​

 -- MNRI® Session (70 minutes): These therapy sessions are when reflex integration exercises (passive and active) are implemented with the client. This is perhaps the best opportunity for parent training as I will be able to instruct you on where to place your hands for the sensory stimuli, what to look for during the exercise, and how to modify the exercise to meet the client's abilities as they work towards integration of the reflex.

​ -- MNRI® Session for an additional family member (30 minutes or 70 minutes): I truly believe that if you have a child or family member who has special needs, you definitely should reap the benefits of receiving MNRI® to help as a form of self care as you work tirelessly every day to give your loved one the best life. Not only is it beneficial for your stress resilience, but you are also able to experience what your child or family member is feeling. This session option is also useful for families who have multiple children who would benefit from reflex integration.

​ -- MNRI® Parent Education Session (30 minutes or 60 minutes): These sessions are designed to allow one or both parents to receive training on specific MNRI® exercises (passive and active) to implement into the Home Exercise Program and do not require the client to be present. If the client is present and receiving treatment while I train parents, this is considered an MNRI® Session and will be billed accordingly.


What forms of payment do you accept?

I currently accept check, credit card, cash, and payments through the Venmo and PayPal apps. I also accept debit and credit cards  associated with Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Savings Account (FSA).

Are you in network with any insurance companies?​

No. I am currently considered an out-of-network provider with all insurance companies. This is due in part to the low reimbursement rates that the majority of insurance companies set for their in network therapy providers; the rates do not cover the cost of services. At this time it is more financially sound for me as a single therapist to accept private pay. However, after paying for services, families may choose to submit out-of-network provider claims to their insurance company for reimbursement. Each month I am able to provide you with the necessary records to submit if you wish to do so. In the event that a family would like to inquire with their insurance company about receiving a “network gap exception”, I can assist with the pertinent information the family will need to provide.

Do you offer any types of discounts or reduced fees?

Yes, a benefit of not being in contract with insurance companies is that I am able to offer discounts to families who refer me to others, military discounts for families of active and retired members, and other types of discounts that would otherwise not be allowed if I had set rates with the insurance companies.


Some therapists in the Houston area indicate that they have experience with MNRI ® . What sets your training and practice apart?

I am currently a Level 3 Core in Training working to transition to an MNRI® Core Specialist, a distinction of honor received after completing a program structured with sufficient rigor to ensure that students become solidly grounded in the MNRI Method® and integrative techniques. As a Core in Training, I have completed advanced training, passed exams provided by MNRI® Instructors, and attended Family Conferences to learn from Dr. Masgutova. Therapists who are not on the path to become a Core Specialist but have completed any of the basic courses have received a certificate of participation and credit for attending the course. The level of information provided in these classes is generally for novice learners and does not require testing for certification. It is recommended that if you are seeking services with a therapist who has experience with MNRI®, that you inquire about how many classes they have taken and how frequently they implement MNRI® into their sessions. To locate Cores in Training and Core Specialists, you can visit the MNRI® Specialist Directory.

How do I receive more info about pricing and/or schedule our first session?

To get the process started, I would suggest that you shoot me an email or send me a message on Facebook through our business page.  Once you've reached out to me I'd be happy to send you information or schedule a chat via phone or Google Meet to discuss MNRI® in more detail and schedule the initial consultation appointment. 

What are your appointment hours?

Tuesday - Friday: 9am - 6pm, Saturday: 10am - 2pm, Sunday and Monday: Closed

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